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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Turkey Week-end Photos from Prescott, AZ

Hello! Just a few photos of our Thanksgiving week-end in Prescott, AZ with Honey and Grandpa Dave. The 12 hour drive was a bit long for all of us, but it was well worth it as well al had a ton of fun! Honey and Grandpa Dave finally met Sammy and fell completely in love! The boys enjoyed playing with Honey and Grandpa Dave's doggies, Shayna and Chotzke. They also liked trying to play a saxaphone, riding in Grandpa Dave's race car, looking at the plane Grandpa Dave is building and take a nature hike in the woods behind their home. We searched for havalinas, a.k.a., warthogs, or in chidren's movie talk, "Pumbas", but had no such luck!! Honey stuffed us to the gills and the boys had a ton of fun doing crafts and simply spending time with their extended family. There is an amazing sculptor who lives just down the road from my mom and we've added a few of his sculptures as well!!

It's funny how Karaganda, Kulenshak on the one hand seems like a lifetime ago, and yet, part of me would like to go back for a visit, not a 54 day visit mind you, but a visit just the same!!



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