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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Feeling more and more like a true family

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written. Things are really starting to come together. This is not to say we still have some things to work on, but as Sam's grasp on the English language improves so does his overall behavior. Don't get me wrong, he is a great child, he has an amazing spirit for a child living in an institutional enviroment for so many years, but at some point, that can no longer be "an excuse" for behavior and character issues. Sammy finally really understands the importance of being kind, thankful, and why we can't lie. He also loves his preschool, having his brother and being in a family in general. He is my jokester, he has an infectious laugh and loves to smile and be silly. My favorite thing about having 2 children is watching my boys bond. I have no siblings so I'm amazed in general to watch them, but my hubby says he's amazed at how much they truly love and care for one another. We have yet to have any physical issues or the "I hate you" type conversations. Mostly, they really enjoy each other's company. They love living in Colorado, as do we. Looking at the mountains from our backyard daily is quite a privilege, and they also love their preschool and our neighbors from Ireland and their 3 labs!! Our doggie is showing her age, but has mellowed a ton and loves being by the boys and still limps down the stairs to let any truck or dog know that she still is the queen though nearly 12 yrs old!!

I've been reading various people's blogs and some of it really makes me start to laugh, as I think back to some of the crazy, annoying and almost comical things I had to deal with while in Karaganda, but as hard as it was to live there for 54 days, I wouldn't trade it, it's made me stronger and much more thankful for all that I have simply by having the luxury to be born in the United States. I also had the luxury to meet some really great people, both local inhabitants and fellow visitors from America and abroad. Well, our Sammy turns 5 on Tuesday and is excited to be able to pick out his own cake and balloons. We had our first real snow fall the other day and Sam was so excited to play in the snow, he said they were not allowed to play in it in Karaganda at the Detsky Dom. Well, I hope all is well with all of those families and friends I meet while in Almaty and Karaganda!! Here are some fun photos of our little men



Blogger Keogh's in Kaz said...

Hey there! The Keogh's from Toronto here! Have not looked in on your BLOG in a long time and looks like we timed this visit well!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!! Both of your boys look great is so lovely to catch up. We just got back from a month in Ireland - great to be home and introduce Orin Matthew to his Irish roots! Have a great photo of our Ashling at the Cliffs of Moher, I'll see if I can find your email and send it to you.

Always warm regards

Mary Keogh in Toronto.

10:52 PM  
Blogger The 3 McCaffery's said...

Hi Mary,

please write to us again at

can't wait to see little Ashling @ the Cliffs and some updated photos of Orin!

Miss you!!

11:16 PM  
Blogger julie i. said...

Hi Nell
Another Almaty friend here. Its Julie (with baby Max). Like Mary I too happened to click on your blog for the first time in months. I loved hearing how Sammy is doing.I remember his impish smile. Max turned 1 in Sept. and just started walking and works real hard at keeping up with his 3 big sisters. I made some wonderful friends in Almaty and was glad our paths crossed as well.
Julie in Tampa

11:06 PM  
Blogger The 3 McCaffery's said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for righting, I can't believe Max is already 1!! I loved that day in Almaty with so many people from around the world sharing their thoughts and emotions about adoption and life, that was one of my best days on the trip!!

send a digital photo of max to our home email address

take care

2:05 AM  

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