Becoming the 4 McCaffery's

We've created this webpage for our family, friends, and future adoptive families to follow us in our adoption journey to Kazakhstan to become a family of 4. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy it!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Honey& Grandpa Dave & Boys

The boys and their "loot"
Dying Eggs with Honey

Bunny Cake Makers

The McCaffery's Easter 07'

Sam and Ian, the best looking of our crew!!

Well, in Monument, Colorado we searched for eggs in our basement as snow decided to make it's way down the mountain once again before allowing Miss Spring to move on in. Our boys didn't mind, they had a blast and were quite excited to put their "loot" into their banks. We also had a nice week-end as Honey and Grandpa Dave we're still in town and helped the boys make an Easter Bunny Cake, dye eggs and simply spend some quality time together. Here are a few photos from our day!!


Blogger Janiece said...

I love the pictures! The boys are growing so fast. Hope all is well with you.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Peggy Dudzick said...

Nell, you r 2 b congratulated for ur generosity in the adoption with hopefully more 2 come. My other half is a civilian DOD worker on his way to Afghanistan for 6 mos. Going to work at AF Base near Kabul. Could we keep in touch? Pix are dandy!

11:48 AM  
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