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Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 3rd 2007 A year ago today we met Sam for the first time in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Wow, I can't believe a year has passed since we met Vitaly Borisovich Cernovsky. Now simply known as Sam. Sam has grown so much since we first met him, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. We are very pleased with all that he has achieved in such a short time. He has a heart of gold and the bset laugh I've ever heard. My favorite about bringing Sam into our family is the bond he shares with his brother, Ian. They are like two peas in a pod. I really think having us go to Karaganda as a family was such a blessing for both of them. They have yet to say unkind words to one another and never has Ian wished for Sam to go back to the "detsky dom." In fact if Sam is being disciplined Ian always make certain that I will never send Sam abck to the "detsky dom." I said, no siree, Sammy will "zigdah" (always) be a part of our family. I have no siblings so I'm always a bit cautious about how they are to one another. If they do get a bit ornary to one another I remind them both what a privilege it is to have a brother and to be part of a family, as they both know some children are not that fortunate!! That usually puts them in their place!! He, He,He.

They are both enjoying life in Colorado. They both attend a montessori school just up the road 5 days a week 3 hrs a day, but are in seperate classes so they have some "alone" learning time and then in the afternoon they have their together time. Sam will have one more year in preschool in fall of 2007 to give him the best possible chance of succeeding in academic life in America. and Ian will attend Kindergarten. This way we'll give them both a chance to "shine" in school and have different friends, but always have eachother for support and comfort. They are taking swimming classes and love spending time in our backyard swinging, digging for rocks, kicking balls and just being carefree little boys. This is not to say they don't do a fair share of work as well. As an example, they must put their clothes right-side out in the hamper nightly, clean up their playroom daily, asked to be excused from the table, clear the table, say grace, use proper manners and we remind them daily how fortunate we are to have one another, enough food, a home, a safe place to live and play, clean clothes, etc. Things most American families take for granted!! Here are a few recent photos, one of Sam and Ian on their first meeting of one another and then 1yr later!!!

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